Pro’s and Con’s

“Prosumer” – the new buzz word in regards to media audiences.  Audiences are no longer simply consumers; their role in the media industry has evolved and changed alongside the convergence of media.  Content is more accessible to audiences, and they can even create their own.  Voila!  A prosumer – an audience member that interacts and creates their own … More Pro’s and Con’s


I’d like to begin by making it clear that although I’ll try not to be biased, I’m an Apple user.  Interpret that how you will. It seems that technology has become so ingrained into our way of life that we literally cannot let go of it!  Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves to the … More Branded!

Copyright – Cage or Creativity?

Ok, so maybe corporations aren’t as evil as all that.  But copyright can mean many different things depending on the position of the individual. Copyright’s intentions are to protect the integrity of someone’s ideas by allowing them to limit access or use of their original work.  Companies can use the laws to stop others using songs, sections of … More Copyright – Cage or Creativity?

The Truth of the Message

The medium is the message….? Thanks Yoda, but you’ve just made Marshall McLuhan’s paradoxical statement even more confusing than it already was – let me attempt to translate. The medium, by McLuhan’s definition, is “any extension of ourselves” – our seats, clothing, even our online presence.  Although a movie may be a medium, everything from … More The Truth of the Message