Game of Thrones – Who’s King of Australian Media?

Forget Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens – we’ve got Rineharts, Packers and Murdochs battling to claim every slice of media they can and come out on top in the fight for the Australian media throne.  Simply put, the media industries are becoming more and more powerful; as we see an increase in channels of information, there is … More Game of Thrones – Who’s King of Australian Media?

Beauty is Pain

One of the most profound image series I ever saw was shown to me only a few weeks ago by a friend of mine.  At first I thought it was a pretty interpretation of a girl’s life and didn’t think much more into it, but when this topic arose in class it was the first thing … More Beauty is Pain

Why am I Here?

Media.  It’s everywhere, it’s changing the world, and it’s a huge part of my life.  So naturally, a communication and media degree is going to be my first choice!  (Just ignore the commerce part of my double degree for the sake of this argument.) … More Why am I Here?