One of the most interesting, dangerous and compelling parts of new mediums and the Internet is our online persona.  Our online persona is the side of us we choose to display, curate and present to the world.  They could be based on ourselves, on our secret desires and behaviours, or be completely different – the … More PewDieHide

Annotated Bibliography

Myself, along with three others in my BCM112 class, have collaborated on our Digital Artefact and created Five Second Summaries.  It’s a Vine-based presence where we summarise aspects of our lives (primarily university-based, but also our extracurricular activities) into a short entertaining video.  We also have a presence on our Facebook page, and on Twitter through the … More Annotated Bibliography

Shia Inspire

Remixing is already being used by people such as DJ’s to take content, recreate and shape it, and present it as a new product.  Nowadays, with the rise of memes and platforms such as Dubsmash (an app that puts audio over your own videos), remixing is moving into the public spotlight.  By using other’s work … More Shia Inspire


Digital art has come about through the manipulation of materials – tweaking and transforming it into something new.  Glitch art is an example of this craft making, and it is surprisingly easy to do, even for someone like me with no experience.  Instead of cutting and pasting images together on paper, or developing negatives in different … More G~L~I~T~C~H