we’re here, we’re peer(s): review 2

Stephen Hughes – ItsMeStevee

Hi Steven!  Once again it’s been interesting to see your channel develop (even if it’s only slightly), I’ve dropped in for a few streams and it’s great to see your creativity and your online persona develop.

Filming your beta video as a live-streaming style was great and right on brand for your Twitch channel.  I would argue that the video was slightly confusing for those without knowledge of Twitch and Discord.  When you discuss Twitch emotes and Discord mods, for example, these go over my head to some extent; but regardless it seems as though you have a great grasp of what you need to do moving forward.  Having a good understanding of why your follower count has decreased (due to lack of videos) shows that you’ve considered the impact of your external life on the Twitch video, and perhaps it’s worth reconsidering your streaming schedule if it remains difficult.

I think the best part of your DA at this stage is the community you’re tapping into.  It’s great to see you outsourcing to others for your emotes and your music, for example.  In particular, collaborating with other BCM302 students’ DA’s for both of your benefits is a great move.  Also, working together with your previously established fan base to upgrade and improve on your Discord server was great to see!  I am a little confused though – who is Patrick and what is he doing to help out your channel?

My advice going forward would be to get on top of your streaming schedule – producing regular content will be key from this point.  If your schedule is too demanding (considering external circumstances) then cutting down on the number/length of streams might help just to start.  Great job!

Mai Dang – Mate Oi TV

Hi Mai!

It’s great to see Mate Oi TV’s growth since your pitch video.  Personally, I believe you have one of the most well-developed DA’s in the subject with a clear feedback loop and future direction.  It’s clear that your page is doing well, as your growing following reflects, and you’ve been able to back up why this is through user information and by tracking engagement.  This is the sort of project that I can see developing into a huge career opportunity for everyone involved!

I love that you have diversified your content across Facebook.  By providing a mixture of breaking news, memes and videos, you’re ensuring engagement through humour whilst maintaining a sense of professionalism.  It’s a hard line to walk, and you and your team are doing it well.

Speaking of professionalism, I love the quality of your original videos and it’s clear that these videos are resonating with viewers.  Congratulations on your partnership with Kenh14 – it’s a massive step!  Focusing on videos moving forward seems to be the smartest option, considering how much traffic they are bringing in across the globe.

On that note, however – it seems as though Facebook is your main platform, and although growing your Youtube channel is a good idea, I don’t think it should take over your video content.  Continuing to post videos directly to Facebook and using Youtube as a secondary landing platform may be more effective from an engagement point of view.  Perhaps your website could embed videos from Youtube once a website is established?

All in all, your project’s growth and quality keeps amazing me.  Keep it up!

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