cheers to social media royalty.

It’s time for a beta update on my BCM302 digital artefact, and I’m proud to announce that my project is changing direction…

Pitch Recap

In my previous digital artefact pitch video, I discussed my intention to create Aesthetic Tutorials: an audio-exclusive tutorial series hosted on Soundcloud that focused on Unreal Engine 4.  The tutorials and their language would be directed at complete beginners to Unreal Engine 4, and would use professional podcasting equipment and ‘lo-fi vaporwave’ background music to create an ‘aesthetic’ listening experience.

After my pitch I began gathering feedback on my initial concept, and the reaction was mixed overall.  While classmates and Twitter followers were positive about the aesthetic theme and focus on beginners, I was questioned regarding the lack of a visual guide (being audio-only, there is no video content) and the correlation of vaporwave and my target tutorial audience.

New Opportunities

Around this time I was approached by the manager of The Little Prince, a small bar in Wollongong that specialises in cocktails.  She was interested in hiring a social media coordinator.  Although the position is unpaid, I saw it as a good opportunity to use my fledgling social media management skills and content curation skills, and I accepted the role.

As the role overlaps with my degree in many ways and has a real-world application, I have decided to scrap the Aesthetic Tutorials project (in the spirit of #FEFO) and will instead be integrating the social media management and content curation of The Little Prince into my DA.

Starting Point

Coming on board to the project, The Little Prince’s social media following is as follows:

Facebook: 9.4k likes
Instagram: 2.4k follows
Website: n/a

In a month, these numbers have risen to 9.57k likes on Facebook, and 2.49k follows on Instagram.  It is clear that the page has a strong social media following already; their issue lies in a lack of engagement that leads to bar patronage.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 6.01.36 pm.png
The Little Prince Facebook page as at 31/9/19.

Development and Iteration

As I begin organising social media for The Little Prince through Hootsuite, I have:

  • Consolidated Facebook and Instagram logos/handles
  • Booked a photographer for professional food/drink photos
  • Identified the bar’s “brand persona” – their target audience
  • Began group planning through Google Drive and Google Sheets
    • Employee-wide photo cache for posts
    • Interactive Gantt chart for upcoming events and posting schedules

The bar’s current focus is on promoting their Spring cocktail menu and Asian-inspired menu items, which will begin posting in the next few weeks.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 8.10.38 pm
Hootsuite homepage for The Little Prince.


Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 7.41.14 pm
Current Gantt chart iteration.

Future Aims

With a website currently in development for The Little Prince, soon the bar will begin to promote a polished and unified social persona.  Until then, my aims for the future of my  DA include:

  • A regular posting schedule (2 to 3 times a week)
  • A regular events schedule with Gong Comedy nights, Queer Space Trivia and SCARF Trivia
  • Explore TikTok as a promotional platform for showcasing cocktail production and presentation
    • Possibly resharing these videos across Instagram Stories
  • Explore the possibility of post monetisation to boost local engagement

If all goes well with the project, I will also discuss the possibility of staying on as a paid employee.  So fingers crossed that the project pans out!



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