we’re here, we’re peer(s): review 1

Stephen Hughes – ItsMeSteveeitsmestevee

Stephen, I’ve been a fan of your little avatar logo on Twitter for a while, so getting to see the full scale of ItsMeStevee was really enjoyable!  What I really liked about your pitch presentation was how you framed your concept.  It comes across as a well-established brand that has a consistent cross-platform theme, when actually it’s only in its infancy.  Partially I think this stems from a clear social utility in that you’re streaming games for others’ enjoyment.

One thing that caught my eye in your pitch was the “BCM Dream Stream Team” logo.  This wasn’t mentioned again in your pitch, and I wish you had elaborated on its role in ItsMeStevee as I’d love to know more about it and the niche market it could bring!

You have a lot of goals for the semester which is ambitious, but great for clarity.  I can’t give much feedback in regards to growing your Twitch channel as I haven’t used it myself, but as general feedback I’d like to know in particular what distinguishes you from other Aussie Twitch streamers like Bajo etc.  Do you have a specific type of game you play?

I watched the beginning of a past Twitch stream and it’s clear that you have established a great persona for ItsMeStevee – a voice that is funny and entertaining while still producing good gameplay content.  I’d love to know how much this will overlap with YouTube – would you create separate content exclusively for YouTube or is it just Twitch streams without the overlays?

I’ve just made a Twitch channel to keep updated on your progress – good luck!


Mai Dang – Mate Ơi TVmate oi tv

Mai, I spoke to you in class about your project Mate Ơi TV, and I have to say I really love the idea!  As you identified, there aren’t many (if any) bilingual channels aimed at Aussie audiences, and you’ve clearly found your niche in the Vietnamese community here and had great success with your concept in the last 8 months.  The production quality across both the page and your pitch is great, although I would have loved to know more about your unique role and what it is you do as part of the Mate Ơi team.

What stands out to me about Mate Ơi TV is how clearly defined its social utility is.  You’ve identified your audience – the Vietnamese community in the Illawarra (and Australia at large) – and your content is perfectly situated to reach them and engage with them.  Not to mention you’ve been approached by a Vietnamese website who wants to promote your work!  It shows that your channel appeals to both Australian Vietnamese, and Vietnamese natives interested in Australia.

What I would recommend working on is your methodology and goal for the project this semester.  You are engaging with your audience whenever you post to Facebook, but are you getting the kind of feedback you can use to evolve the project?  What is the next step for Mate Ơi TV – is it your goal to expand to a new platform like YouTube or Twitter, or create a website for the brand?  Is it simply to maintain the engagement you’ve achieved so far?  Perhaps you could ask your audience what they’d like to see you do next through a Facebook poll or something similar.

Best of luck with the page!

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