high-key hyped for lo-fi learning.

Welcome back to BCM302.  This time I tackle lo-fi aesthetics and complex game-building programs, all in a neat podcast format.  I present to you… Aesthetic Tutorials!

Last semester I began learning how to use Unreal Engine 4 – a platform that houses a range of tools, primarily used to develop games for PC, console, mobile and even VR.

While looking for tutorials I quickly found that I didn’t like many on offer.  Written tutorials were often unclear and lacked the engagement of other mediums.  Video tutorials were also frustrating as I had to pause them constantly and jump between Unreal and Youtube, and the audio quality was often quite poor.

To fill this need, I am hoping to develop an ‘aesthetic’ audio tutorial series for Unreal Engine 4!

One of the DA’s key features will be its framing – the tutorials are aimed at complete beginners to Unreal Engine 4 or, indeed, any form of coding or software development.  By assuming no base knowledge, using simple language and creating a pleasant listening experience through lo-fi background beats, I hope to resonate with my target audience.

Following the FIST methodology, I determined I would create:

  • Tiny tutorials – approx. 10 mins
  • Simple content – only focusing on the very basics
  • Produced Fast – weekly/fortnightly uploads
  • Inexpensive to make – cheap gear hire through Sad Cowboy Productions; free platform and music

The project will be based on Soundcloud, and will also be uploaded to Youtube.  I will promote the tutorials on relevant subreddits such as r/unrealengine, r/gamedev and r/tutorials, as well as on my personal Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/aesthetic_tutorials

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