painting with pixels.

It’s a new year, and that means a new digital artefact.  This time, the digital artefact is being developed for BCM325: Future Cultures.

The nature of the class asks us to look to and imagine the future by examining the past and the present.  By extension, our digital artefacts will be doing the same thing but in practice.  For this project, I decided to develop the TAEM’s virtual art gallery prototype in three stages:

  1. Learn to use a VR application (in this instance, Unreal)
  2. Manipulate the gallery and learn how to use it
  3. Create a tutorial for others to follow

The gallery’s real-world use could help art galleries overcome the ‘disruption’ of modern technologies on the art industry, as Mark Glimcher discusses in his interview with Artnet.  This could be the future of art galleries and art installations.

8 thoughts on “painting with pixels.

  1. Hi Brooke,

    Loved your pitch! you communicate your ideas and plans for your virtual reality art gallery in a clear, concise and effective way. I think this idea is extremely unique, interesting and inventive, and could make for a brilliant DA. I appreciate your incorporation of virtual reality technology, which is very relevant and timely, especially since it is only becoming more and more advanced and widespread in society. Combining futuristic VR technology with art, which is seen as a timeless and mostly tangible thing, I think is a wonderful concept and I look forward to seeing the final result. Here is an article which may aid your research if you wish to take a look, it discusses the idea of virtual reality becoming the future of art:
    Best of Luck!


  2. Hello Brooke,

    Firstly the communication on your Digital Artefact is clear and made it so easy for me to understand so thanks! I think it’s very brave of you to apply yourself to learn a new application, in this instance, Unreal for this assignment. The concept address the future very clearly and I can see this becoming something to come in the near future.
    I’m interested as to what research you are going to partake into learning this application. Is there any chance you’re able to speak to someone at UOW that teach you? If not I have found this introduction video on youtube that may help you on your journey:
    Sorry I can’t give you much input regarding Unreal because we’re in the same boat.

    Possibly posting your work in progress to Instagram or Reddit would have more success in gathering feedback? These platforms allow a comment section and a more narrow search engine in terms of what people are looking for. Just to broaden the variety of feedback you can receive.
    Also an interesting argument brought up by Marc Glimcher claiming the possibility that VR can become more immersive than physically galleries is a questionable opinion in my defence but I would be interested if you can prove or debunk this theory with your tutorials.

    Have a beautiful day and goodluck!


  3. Hi Brooke,

    It’s a really original pitch! You have given specific procedures on how to build a virtual reality art gallery. I admire your creativity very much! It can be called the intersect of art and technology because VR is playing an increasingly popular role in art. Actually here is a link I thought might be helpful for your topic.
    Sorry my knowledge on this area is limited but I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.
    All the best!


  4. Hi Brooke!

    What an interesting idea!
    I know I definitely never would have thought of it. I myself have never have much contact with VR but I really like your idea to create a tutorial and there is definitely space for that type of content in the public sphere. Although creating a tutorial sounds great I always find sometimes when I follow a tutorial the steps are not very clear and concise so I thought I would link you a step by step VR tutorial I found. Maybe you could use it to guide you and make sure your tutorial is easily accessible even for beginners to the VR World. 

    I’m interested to see how you go!

    Nothando 🙂 


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