audio visual work – ‘cassettes’.

My final assessment for MEDA101 had me revisiting the poem “Where I’m From”, by George Ella Lyon, and my remediation of this poem (seen here).  What I discovered was that she was from the sights, sounds, and memories of her past.  Drawing upon this, I chose to access my mother’s old cassette tapes from when I was younger and discover where I was from, through her video camera.

I used the clips salvaged from the cassettes as inspiration for my original content.  In creating the video for this piece, I drew inspiration from works such as Birdman and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope through their use of obscuring the screen to connect shots, and utilising blurs to create seamless edits.  I often used match cuts, drawing on traditional film moments like “Greased Lightning” from Greasehelping to create flow throughout the piece.  These techniques aided in creating a story of my history, and helped to tie shots with similar themes (e.g. speed and movement) together.

I chose to use voiceover and non-diegetic dialogue to create a “memoir” feeling, as this piece is highly personal and emotive for me and I wanted the audience to have the same experience when watching it.  Diegetic audio, therefore, was used as ‘background noise’ to complement each shot.  Foley artists such as John Simpson inspired me to recreate audio that had been distorted by wind interference.

The various visual and audio elements I utilised married together to evoke nostalgia and a fondness for those we love.  Although this video did not turn out as I had anticipated (I originally hoped to make a Birdman-esque one-shot film), I am happy nonetheless.

Audio used in the piece is royalty free:  “Touching Moments 3 – Deeper” by incompetech

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