saying thankyou to, well, everyone really.

Anyone who’s read my latest blog posts will know how crazy life is at the moment – my schedule has never been so full.  With everything that’s been going on, it’s important for me to recognise the incredible support system I have behind me because I know, without a doubt, that I would not be where I am now without any of them.  So, I believe a few thankyous are in order!

To my family:  thankyou for being so considerate and understanding when I lock myself in my room for hours, or when I have to dash around like a madwoman trying to get to all my various commitments.  Thank you to my mum, Susi, for bringing me tea and sweets to keep me going, and my dad, Greg, for taxiing me everywhere.

giphy (1)

To my fellow students:  thankyou for assisting me throughout the semester.  Whether I’ve called on you in a time of need, tweeted with you about assessments, or asked for help in class, you’ve always come through for me.  Cat, Kris, Elysse, Arta and Callum – you are particularly wonderful to me.  Also, a huge thankyou to those who participated in my survey and focus group for BCM212!  I really could not have done this assignment without your input, and you’ve helped to open my mind up to some of the issues and underlying influences of why we make the choices we do.

giphy (3)

To my friends:  thankyou for being patient with me.  I have cancelled numerous plans in order to get on top of my work, and I know it’s frustrating.  Your tireless understanding is something I really don’t deserve, and it’s more appreciated than you know.  Jeremy, Gianna, Lilly, Emma, Mathew, Iris and Liesl – I could not ask for better friends.

Finally, to my teachers:  thankyou for being phenomenal.  You’ve been my rocks this semester, helping me out when I’ve got issues, tweeting me back about assignments, and just being there to listen and be friendly.  You’re not just teachers – you are my mentors, people to look up to, and I hope you can understand the impact that you have on both my academic capabilities and my confidence in everyday life.  Kate, Ted, Sue, Aaron, Renee and Azucena – regardless of whether you’re currently teaching me or not, your input has been invaluable.  Please never underestimate your value to students like myself.  We treasure you and everything you do, and I know that I will remember you fondly long after I graduate.


It’s been a long 13 weeks, friends and colleagues.  Let’s go out with a bang, shall we?

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