life in fast-forward.

Right at this moment, I’m blogging from my MEDA101 tute.  It’s relatively relaxed in here, and the quiet chatter gives the impression of a humming hive.  Everyone’s in their own minds as we work on our projects.  This is the moment when I breathe out and lean back on my chair for the first time in a solid ten days of hectic movement.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier – it’s just life taking its toll.

Last week marks the beginning of the downward slide towards the end of the semester.  Being a media and communications student means that exams are rare, with my final week containing only a single marketing exam.  However, with one assignment due each week until this exam (each worth between 30% and a colossal 50%), time management is crucial to my survival.  Add to this my work shifts every weekend (averaging 18 hours across Saturdays and Sundays), and my commute to my internship in Sydney on Wednesdays and Fridays (on average 7am to 7pm), and I find there’s not much time to study and work on my assignments, let alone relax and enjoy social time.  And yet, I’m still thinking of taking on more – brainstorming Tropfest and short film ideas, applying for exchange and the New Columbo Scholarship Program, and participating (via mobile) in a panel for first-year communications and media students.

I treasure my alone time.  I treasure time spent with friends and family.  And yet, I’ve found that this 10 days of constant stimulation and movement has rendered me not tired, but wired; it feels as though I’m switching gears.  Discovering what your body and mind is capable of under pressure is an enlightening experience, usually only experienced by uni students in the night before an assignment is due.  I’m surprisingly happy to live life in this fast, chaotic jumble, and I’ve found myself truly appreciating and savouring the time I have to breathe out and relax.

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