soundscape – ‘turning point’.

The first part of my MEDA101 project (see the video here) took inspiration from the places and feelings I’ve encountered through my life.  For my second project, I decided to focus on the travelling aspect that linked my remoscope together.  I have been to many places in my life, both physically and experienced online.  Being connected to technology from such a young age has given me incredible opportunities throughout my life and it has shaped my passions and interests, but it can all get too fast-paced at times.  These are the moments I like to disconnect, relax with my family and my dog, and appreciate what I have.

“Turning Point” was also inspired by sound artists such as Ryoki Ikeda’s “Test Pattern”, and the various works of Haroon Mirza.  Their use of digital sounds to create music inspired the central section of my soundscape.  Building tension and a sense of cacophony was essential for conveying the overwhelming pressure to stay connected, which I developed through experimenting with pitch, wavelengths and reversing sound clips.  The beginning and end of the piece are built upon the idea of foley artists creating sounds through experimentation, and many noises including the car keys and the footsteps were developed in this way.

Listen to my project here!  xx

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