research update – the sharks are closing in.

Hello and welcome back to my research project!

Last time I spoke about my research idea, it was just that – an idea, a seed born from curiosity.  Over the past few weeks, I have been refining my idea into a project that is leaner and more succinct, allowing me to properly address the questions I’m asking.

My research project centres around the decision to study communications and media at a university level – what motivates it?  Why do we choose university, as opposed to TAFE, certificates, online courses or even self-teaching?  This is my central idea.  I will be attempting to answer this question through background studies and secondary research as I view what those before me have concluded on the topic.  In particular, online learning and digital resources seem to be gaining popularity, a move which I believe will threaten universities unless they can evolve to accommodate this switch in learning method.  I will be collecting my own research on the matter through the use of a survey, which will be up and running in no time – stay tuned for a SurveyMonkey link on the BCM212 section of my blog, my Twitter account or on the BCM212 Moodle blog.

I believe my project’s results will be even more intriguing when I analyse the responses by the chosen major of each student, as it is possible that there could be trends in answers depending on one’s chosen field of study.  For example, a digital media major may be more inclined to online learning, whereas a journalist may prefer the environment of face-to-face learning.  I will be planning a focus group in the next few weeks to discuss my project among students of different majors, so if you would like to participate please email me at or send me a Twitter DM.

Thanks for staying invested in my research, I will be updating my Twitter and blog with the outcomes so stay tuned for some results! xx

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