‘Clive Palmer’s soft, shitty body’.

Over the past four weeks, myself and my group set out to create a short video piece for CAOS203.  Our final piece is a music video, titled “Clive Palmer’s Soft Shitty Body”.  We chose this as our focus relatively quickly as two members of the group were in a band, and the song was an original piece of their own design.   When the idea was proposed to myself and the other members of the group, we were intrigued by the concept of creating a music video for a satirical and original piece of music.

Once we had our idea, we brainstormed different forms of music video and how we could incorporate both humorous and political aspects into the piece.  While researching other music videos, we came across the song “Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night” by Kisschasy, which incorporated cardboard cut-out heads of famous political figures.  This inspired us to create multiple Clive Palmer characters undertaking different tasks to satirise his secret passion for poetry and presenting the question “what else can he do?”.  We also used cut-out heads of Harold Holt, Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson to enrich our music video and satirise each in turn.  It was decided that the five band members would act in the music video, including the two members of our group.

Once we had the concept and narrative for our music video, we delegated roles in our group.  Lachlan, Jacob and Charlie became our audio technician, director and storyboard/scriptwriter, respectively.  I took on the role of videographer, while Jolon acted as continuity manager and assisted myself in filming the project.  We ended up shooting much of the project in one day, due to scheduling clashes and weather restrictions.  Although the shooting itself ran smoothly, we ran into issues during our group scene (the final shot in my version of the project).  It began to rain midway through filming and we had to abandon the rest of the shoot, and with no time remaining to re-shoot we were forced to make do with only two shots of the scene.  Despite this, we managed to shoot most of the content we had planned on filming in pre-production.

I found post-production to be the most enjoyable, yet frustrating part of the project.  I enjoyed stringing together the various scenes we had shot, choosing how to present our story, and finally setting it to the song.  It became evident in post-production, however, that we would have benefited from more shots in most scenes, as I had limited options for editing.  It upsets me that the project could have been more impressive had we had the time and conditions to film.  Looking back on the project, I am satisfied with our group work.  We had quite a large group compared to others in the class, which allowed for more detailed and richer discussions, and was useful to film scenes where Lachlan or Jacob were acting.  However, it made it very difficult to schedule days to film as both the five group members and three actors had other commitments to work around.  If I was to do the project again, I would probably select a group of three or four simply because it would be easier to arrange filming opportunities, and place less pressure on shooting everything in one sitting.

Featured Image: SBS website, July 2014

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