remoscope – ‘the book of me’.

For my first MEDA101 assessment, I was required to shoot 10 still videos (known as “remoscopes”) of a minute’s length each, and edit these into a 30-second film.  The video below, called “The Book of Me”, is my final product and I have strived to edit it as a representation of my growth as a person and woman.  To me, ‘where I’m from’ is less about physical location and more about the emotions and feelings tied to places and points in time.

In the development of this video, I chose to use cooler tones and nature to represent my strong link to Bathurst, Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains.  I used close-up shots to allude to my perfectionism, while symbols such as the trophy showcased the pressure and expectations placed upon me.  The wardrobe door shot served well as a symbol of depression, and its darkness juxtaposed nicely with the light streaming through the fingers of helping hands.  Tying the video together are moving car shots, taken from a low angle to symbolise a life constantly in motion from a young age.

Enjoy this little trip into my mind and my life!  Note: this video is silent.

またね xx

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