plans for the future.

Hey guys!  I’ve written a little about my plans to study overseas on exchange in past posts, but with 2017 finally settling into my reality I can comprehend the fact that it’s only really 12 months away.

It’s been 4 months since I decided to go on exchange, and the idea has kept itself tucked away while I worked on other projects that were more pressing.  2017 has rekindled my passion for travel and, powered by the spirit of new spontaneity, I’ve finally made some decisions:

  1. I will be going to the U.K.  I’d been tossing up for some time whether to study in USA (the most esteemed tertiary study country in the world, and a chance to experience “college life”), in the U.K. (close to Europe for travel and sightseeing, plus I’ve never been before), or Japan (a technology and media pioneer, as well as being my favourite country in the world).  U.K. won out due to the fact that I’ve been to both Japan and America before, and I wanted to try something new.
  2. I will probably study at the University of Leeds.  As alluring as study in London is to me, UOW simply doesn’t offer many (if any) unis actually in England’s capital – not to mention the cost of living would be pricier.  Leeds is 3 hours north of London and is dubbed a “university city” in much the same way Wollongong is now growing around UOW and the business it brings.
  3. I will be studying overseas for the first semester of my third year.  I had originally planned for my exchange to take place at the end of my second year, but changing plans and financial drawbacks have made this impossible.  Instead, I’ll be heading over to see Europe’s spring and escape the hot Australian summer/autumn.

That’s all for now!  Mata ne xx

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