a lil’ bit old school.

In lieu with my New Year’s resolutions, I recently dug deep and bought myself a little camera to begin making videos again!  It’s a Canon Powershot GX7 Mark II and it’s everything I need: smaller than a DSLR or camcorder, multipurpose, flexibility over settings, and incredible quality.  And I chose not to buy it online.


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Some of the photos I’ve taken so far.

It’s not as though it wasn’t available online; in fact, I only found one brick-and-mortar stores that had the GX7 M2 in stock (and as I was buying mine, a gentleman came into Camera House enquiring about the same camera!  So I got pretty lucky).  There is just so much that can get lost in translation between countries and across the interwebs, and I’d prefer not to leave a $1000 purchase up to that kind of chance.

I’ve heard far too many horror stories about online shopping from friends and family, not to mention on social media.  For me, online shopping and physical stores coexist to serve different purposes – one will never eradicate or completely overtake the other.  For example, I could never buy shoes online without knowing if they will fit my overly wide feet, and as a rule, any clothing from China is out of the question – I’d like to have a little chat with whoever picks their sizes.


An example of online shopping gone bad (but to be fair, that dress is risky no matter what).

Technology is even riskier than fashion as there are so many variables.  Warranty may only apply in the country of purchase, for example, and if something goes wrong the product will have to be shipped back overseas to be fixed.  The reputation of the store has to be triple checked for authenticity or else you may never see a camera at all.  And of course, nothing beats physically testing a product before purchase to see if it will work for you – a luxury lost on internet shoppers.

For me, it was a no-brainer: I was going to buy a camera at a physical store.  Although I probably could have gotten it cheaper online, with a bit of haggling I managed to snag 2 years extra warranty, a storage card, a wrist strap and a tripod for $950 – not too bad at all.  Try haggling online and see if it works out for you! (My bet?  It won’t).

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