What is The Internet of Things?

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We live in a world where everything that can be connected to the internet, will be connected to the internet.  Phones, televisions and watches are only the start.  The Internet of Things refers to the phenomenon of everyday objects (including people) being connected to the web.  Yes, everything.

You may think this is impossible.  In fact, it has already started to become a reality.  Houses can now be connected and controlled from your mobile phone – you can lock your doors, change the air conditioning temperature and check what is in the fridge – all from your mobile phone.  Ever have a moment where you aren’t sure whether you’ve turned off the iron or fed the dog?  Soon you’ll be able to check from your phone.

The IoT raises many issues, however, the most prominent one being security.  If your doors can be locked and unlocked through the web, what is to say a hacker could not access this, unlock your front door and proceed to steal what you own?  If the IoT progresses to a stage where you can create an inventory of everything you own, hackers may even be able to check whether a house is worth breaking into and know exactly where the items are.

The IoT is a terrifying concept on many levels.  Terrifying because of its implications for the future and opening up a whole new realm of opportunities never before discussed, and terrifying because of the new risks it may pose.

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