Bond, Hacker Bond

Hacking, interestingly, is often portrayed as a chaotic force of good rather than evil.  In television shows it is (supposedly) used to locate the bad guys, disrupt television broadcasts, decrypt enemy files and save the day.  In real life, however, hacking is seen as a dangerous skill to have, viewed as a chaotic disruption – for good or for bad.

Hackers IRL have their own language (known as leetspeek or l33tsp431<), and their own sense of right and wrong, which can spell out trouble.  Some hackers give themselves the title of “hacktivists” and take it upon themselves to expose those who violate their code of ethics.  Sounds like a secret agent, right?  Following this description, hacktivists fall into the same category as Bond, Bourne and other vigilantes who act for the greater good.

vwM6h6d - Imgur.png

Would these “hacktivists” be classified as heroes or villains?  It depends on which side you’re on.  For example, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are hailed as being heroic, whereas others view it as criminal activity.  Regardless of where you stand, it’s no secret that a hacker’s actions will always end in chaos.

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