4 thoughts on “The Crown of Autocracy

  1. Hey, sweet post and nice blog.
    Allow me to get all abstract and lame for a sec, but I think there’s a deep political and philosophical backing to your Mums argument. Though I don’t necessarily agree, it could easily be said that your mother demonstrates a great many principles of the so called social contract. Basically, people submit certain aspects of their freedoms to conform the regulations of a society for the sake of safety and social cohesion. Because your mother is afraid of the big, bad wasteland that is them interwebs, she is more than willing to subscribe to the supposed safety and simplicity of the ‘walled garden’.
    I’m selling all social contract philosophy a little short there but hey, that’s what you get for 150 words from strangers on the internet.


  2. I enjoyed your post, especially this – “Is this truly the best way to utilise the internet? I believe not. By removing these walls, you open up the world to endless possibilities based on limitless creativity. But Facebook won’t ever do that, as it means relinquishing its crown.”. The following article looks at Facebook, Google and walled gardens. Thought you might find it interesting. http://www.thedrum.com/news/2016/03/24/walled-gardens-facebook-and-google-are-real-ad-blockers-warn-publishers-and-ad-tech


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