Out With the Old, In With the New

When our grandparents were deciding their future careers, their job was simple.  Choose something you wanted to do and do it – for the rest of your life.  They were teachers, electricians, miners, stay at home mothers.

Nowadays, it’s not as easy to put a label on our careers.  The rise of freelancers, digital nomads and “liquid labour” has come about as a side effect of our changing world.  Seeing as we no longer rely on a tangible, materialised workplace, neither do we require tangible, materialised job positions.  Instead, we sell ourselves and our knowledge, information and skill set in order to succeed.

UVJlmED - Imgur.png

It’s part of the changing company blueprint.   In a cycle of observation, orientation, decision making and action, smaller and more person-based structures work faster and more efficiently, growing in popularity at an astonishing rate.  Sites such as Airbnb, Uber, Etsy and YouTube sell between people (known as a decentralised structure) rather than through a larger organisation (which follows a hierarchial structure) and therefore move quicker, reacting to the changing market before larger companies even think to look.

Freelancers take advantage of this, adapting themselves to sell a certain skill to a specific niche that is looking to buy.  It’s called an information economy – simply put, information is power and money in the new world.


3 thoughts on “Out With the Old, In With the New

  1. what a good blog post!
    however I think you could benefit by putting in links within the text to strengthen your points of view, I have also noticed that there is little referencing to your information and this would also help you benefit as youd be able to find the information later in the future. I really like your meme as well, totally goes with your blog post. So well done to you and I look forward to seeing more of your blog posts!


  2. Hey I like the idea of your post. the ideas of digital nomad are growing fast are so true, it really hard now days to work on something you like or enjoyed. also maybe would be good if you put some reference so it will be easier for the reader ?


  3. LOL at the meme, succinct and on point and like your reference to the OODA process, I think its easier said than done with some of these online jobs like starting an etsy store or a youtube channel you can monetise but hey, sometimes I go on these websites and am just astounded by how many people manage to do it and soooo many of them attract a HUGE audience, tis incred.


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