Does Code Runs Through My Veins?

Fun fact:  I cried in my tutorial this week.

I was moved to tears by a video about a robot called Kara who is considered faulty because she displays traits that are considered “human”.  The questions this raised for me were deep and disturbing – this robotic form of artificial intelligence was seen as more sympathetic than the disembodied human voice telling her she was just a machine.  Is she human?  Is she more human than us homo sapiens?

KvBmI7R - Imgur.png

With technology increasing so rapidly, it’s hard to draw the line between human and technology.  We are all being patched into the global information network now referred to as a “nervous system” – daily, frequently, constantly.  It’s part of the growing cyberculture we live in, a fast-paced and content-packed world where we communicate and control others with ease.  We are seen to be moving into a cyber-utopia where we can share information in different ways and by different means.  It opens up a range of possibilities, both positive and negative, and all a little scary.  For example, AI and robots are definitely charging full speed ahead, but will it change the way we view ourselves?  Only time will tell.


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