Here We Go Again…!

Hello, it’s Brooke and welcome back to BrookieYuki, my little blog from last semester.  I’ll skip the big introduction because I’ve done it before not 6 months ago, so I’ll just sum myself up in a sales pitch:  I’m an 18 year old, first year communications and media student who loves dogs, skiing, making films and learning new technologies.  Follow me for more interesting blog posts and funny tweets!  Or if you want the more professional version, check it out here.

I’m back from the uni break to dive headfirst into my digital media subjects once again.  This time around it’s DIGC202 – a subject which is basically BCM112 on steroids – so be prepared for the return of bad photo editing, life commentary and plenty of new experiences.  Last time I had to learn to use Twitter (and mastered it if I do say so myself), now I have to learn to use Reddit.  To me Reddit looks confusing, but then again, so did Twitter at the start.

I’ve also got the opportunity to continue on with my old Digital Artefact from BCM112, Five Second Summaries.  We’ve got an audience set up already on FacebookTwitter and Vine – check it out if you’re interested.  Myself and Kris (my partner in 5SS crime) may continue this as our major project, but we also have other ideas we are pursuing…

But more on that another time, I think.  For now, let’s just #fefo our way into another digital adventure.  xx

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