The Last Supper (Lecture)

So I’ve recently discovered that the Preview program on my Macbook Pro can cut around photos like Photoshop… naturally I’ve spent an hour messing around and coming up with the beautiful image above.  First of all, I haven’t won anything (yet), I’ve simply been nominated to win a few awards in our BCM110 and BCM112 class awards “The Bloggies” – one for Best Blog Design, and one for Best Digital Artefact (along with the rest of the team: Kris, Sarah and Hannah).  Go me!

But whilst I was editing and cutting and pasting, I started thinking about the last semester and my blog in particular – why does this little award ceremony, the Bloggies, mean so much?  In the long run, it’s not something we can put on our resumes and say “hey, in university I won a Bloggie for the best meme!”, nor does it mean anything of great significance in UOW as a whole.  So why do I get such a happy rush from seeing my name pop up as a candidate?  I think I’ve figured it out.

The big appeal of the Bloggies is in its design.  It’s the fact that it’s a peer-voted award rather than an award based on academic excellence, so rather than being handed out by our lecturers (although I’m sure they had input) the winners are selected by those around you, doing the same work you are and eventually vying for the same prize.  If we were all selfish people, we’d vote for ourselves and there’d be no winner.  The fact that there are winners means that we are not selfish – we are decent, and we give credit where it’s due.

I know for a fact that I voted for some of the people up for awards, and it gives me a rush of happiness to see their great work being given the recognition it deserves.  Why do I feel so proud to be nominated for awards?  Simply because I have put time and effort into my work this semester, and others do appreciate that.  It’s all about sharing the love and dedication we feel towards our work and each other.  It’s cliche, but we really are all winners in the Bloggies and I love that.

See you all next semester, BCM bros!
Brooke xx


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