One of the most interesting, dangerous and compelling parts of new mediums and the Internet is our online persona.  Our online persona is the side of us we choose to display, curate and present to the world.  They could be based on ourselves, on our secret desires and behaviours, or be completely different – the point is that there is no limitations on what we can or cannot do.  Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr allow us to hide behind our screen and use it as a mask to present our opinions and ideas.

Some individuals utilise this in such a way that they only exist online, and they have created and curated an image of themselves that may or may not be different to their true selves.  Take YouTube stars for example.  The most famous YouTuber ever, PewDiePie, creates silly and entertaining content that often pokes fun at himself and others, yet the man behind PewDiePie, Felix Kjellberg, is notoriously private.  Our online personas can be crafted into any shape or form we desire.

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