All Aboard the Transmedia Train

We have evolved.  No longer do we simply read a book and put it down; now we can read novels, watch their corresponding TV shows and movies, engage with their worlds through the Internet and video games, and even add to it ourselves.  This is the phenomenon known as transmedia storytelling – where a single story thread is split and spread over multiple media platforms.  It’s a key signature of our level of involvement with the media (see past post on Prosumers) and explains how such things as blockbusters occurred.

One of the largest instances of transmedia narratives in our current context is the huge superhero movie craze.  These originated as comic books by companies DC and Marvel, then moved into TV shows and movies, and now have reached blockbuster stage.  These different interfaces act as pathways leading from one medium to the next.  Look at how far Marvel’s influence has spread in this Prezi!

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