Pro’s and Con’s

“Prosumer” – the new buzz word in regards to media audiences.  Audiences are no longer simply consumers; their role in the media industry has evolved and changed alongside the convergence of media.  Content is more accessible to audiences, and they can even create their own.  Voila!  A prosumer – an audience member that interacts and creates their own content.

Look at Twitter for example; its unique platform allows for an entirely new kind of audience.  Twitter is built around the interaction between creators and audiences, but the line between the two easily becomes blurred when those who comment become content creators themselves.  The rise of prosumers has no filter on quality or quantity; if you want to post something, you can… if you want to respond to something with your own opinions and ideas, you can!  It’s the first step in moving from a consumer to a prosumer, that so many people have already discovered.

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