I’d like to begin by making it clear that although I’ll try not to be biased, I’m an Apple user.  Interpret that how you will.

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It seems that technology has become so ingrained into our way of life that we literally cannot let go of it!  Our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves to the point where we never turn them off, not even at nighttime – and the big companies know this.  The smartphone giants Apple and Android have taken separate paths in an attempt to get one up on each other; one walls us in, the other obliterates those walls.

Apple’s brand name alone is enough to convince buyers of its potential, plus its focus on safety.  It only allows authorised apps, doesn’t allow for software editing or “rooting”, and holds privacy as high priority.  Android, on the other hand, looks to embrace the creative well left behind by Apple.  It comes without the branded price tag, is “open source” and allows users to tailor the software to their own liking, and caters for thousands of developers.  Is there a cooperation between the two companies?  Not particularly, although their different approaches can be seen as accommodating for all audiences.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re an iPhone or Samsung loyalist – in the end, both of them will do their job just as well as the other.  But when you hear primary school children complaining that their parents bought them the “wrong phone”, it does make you just a little mad.  Spoilt.

Brooke xx

3 thoughts on “Branded!

  1. Hey,
    Really enjoyed your post your humour really adds interest to the topic! I found this post similar to mine so naturally I liked it, I agree in the end that whether your an i-phone user or android your getting access to some pretty incredible resources! would have enjoyed if there was more information on the history between apple and android to make some context as to why there is a rivalry. 🙂


  2. Hey Brooke! I totally agree with you with the way Apple and Samsung is ‘marketed’, with Apple being appealing in terms of their aesthetic and Samsung with their “more-advanced” software. I personally think the open vs closed platform has alot of gray area as they both have their own pros. Overall, the post broad was quite broad but straight to the point, other than that this is a great post.


  3. Nice discussion on the difference between ios and android, and a carefully thought out meme. It would be nice to see you elaborate a little bit more on the difference between open source vs closed source; however you’ve definitely touched on the key points. You might find the discussion on the fact that Android users who didn’t just buy a non-IOS phone because it was cheaper generally use a Nexus phone to ensure they can get the latest updates, found within this article


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