Copyright – Cage or Creativity?

5SV4RBW - Imgur

Ok, so maybe corporations aren’t as evil as all that.  But copyright can mean many different things depending on the position of the individual.

Copyright’s intentions are to protect the integrity of someone’s ideas by allowing them to limit access or use of their original work.  Companies can use the laws to stop others using songs, sections of writing, movie clips and patented inventions and passing them off as their own.  In this way, copyright is good in that it protects those who have the creative drive to bring something new and unique to the world.

But what about the other 95% of us?  Companies may think “all we’ve done is stop them putting music behind their YouTube videos”, and leave it at that.  In fact, the real harm of copyright is in its stifling of creativity.  It’s quite disheartening for young singers, writers and inventors when their grand ideas have already been “dibbsed” by someone with more money, influence and power.  Copyright may be useful, but it can definitely get ridiculous.  And honestly, musicians should be flattered that I want to use their music, shouldn’t they?

Brooke xx

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