Why am I Here?

Media.  It’s everywhere, it’s changing the world, and it’s a huge part of my life.  So naturally, a communication and media degree is going to be my first choice!  (Just ignore the commerce part of my double degree for the sake of this argument.)

When I was younger I had dreams of working as an actor in Hollywood, and I joined acting classes and groups for fun.  Sometime during early high school after messing around with my mother’s video camera, something clicked in me and I thought “hey, being behind the camera is really fun… maybe more fun than acting!”  I looked into directorial work and editorial work, and just made little films with my friends.  Only towards the end of my schooling did I stop and take a good look at myself and my goals and dreams, and realised that I could combine this interest of media and portrayal with a commerce degree and create a career out of what I loved.

Therefore, I’m here at the University of Wollongong for the first year in a four-or-five-year journey into my future.  At the moment, looking at my future, I’m still torn.  Part of me has always liked being the boss and communicating with everyone from a pedestal (hence the allure of directing), so a career in management is the focus of my commerce degree.  In communication and media I’m still not 100% on my focus.  Digital media has been my first dip into the subjects the course has to offer and so far I’m enjoying it immensely, and I’ve yet to try marketing or global media, my other two areas of interest.

To sum up, and actually answer the question “why am I here?”.  I’m here to make a career out of my passions and create for myself a future I’m going to look forward to living (and hopefully I’ll make some friends along the way as well!).


Brooke xx

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